An ‘Ancestor’ Visits the school

Mr. Ayuka Matthew (Left) and Father Pax Finbarr Jey-Sharwan, VC during the visit

Today an ‘Ancestor’ visited the school.

Mr. Ayuka Matthew graduated from MSG in 1979. He was one of the students who carried sand on their heads to help in the construction of the storey building.

Ancestors are people who have graduated from MSG a long time ago. To some of our students, Mr. Ayuka graduated possibly when some of their parents were not born or were yet to marry.

He informed the school that when he first arrived on the school compound with his ‘Ark of the Convenant’ he had very many expectations.

Receiving him on the school compound Rev. Fr. Pax Finbarr Jey-Sharwan, VC express his gratitude and joy for meeting one of the early students of the school. He thanked Mr. Ayuka for his contribution in the construction of the storey building and wished him many years of God’s blessings ahead.