Catholic Common Entrance Exam holds on May 08, 2021

It has been announced that this year’s Catholic Common Entrance Exam for admission into JSS 1 for all Catholic Secondary Schools in the Diocese of Makurdi will take place on May 08, 2021 at 10am.

Requirements for the exam include an exam fee of N1500, Biro, HB Pencil and One passport sized photograph. All candidates must wear their Face masks and also come with their hand sanitizers in compliance with Covid-19 regulations.

List of schools that candidates can choose from:

Candidates will be expected to pick their first or second choices from the list of schools located within the Diocese of Makurdi at the exam. These schools include:

  1. Mount Saint Michael’s Secondary School Aliade (Boarding, Boys Only)
  2. Mount Saint Michael’s Comprehensive Day School Aliade (Day, Boys and Girls)
  3. Angus Fraser Memorial college, Behind Welfare Quarters, Makurdi (Boarding/Day, Boys and girls)
  4. Our Lady of Consolation Secondary School, Agan, Makurdi (Boarding/Day, Boys and Girls
  5.  St. Peter’s Academy Aondona (Day, Boys and Girls)
  6. Mount Saint Gabriel’s Secondary School, Makurdi (Boarding, Boys Only)
  7. Our Lady of Mount Carmel College, Makurdi (Boarding and Girls only)
  8. Holy Child Secondary School, Makurdi (Boarding/Day, Boys and Girls)
  9. Saint Dominic’s High School, Tse-Ayu, Makurdi (Boarding/Day, Boys and Girls)
  10. Saint Joseph’s Secondary School, Nyiman, Makurdi (Boarding/Day, Boys and Girls)
  11. Saint Joseph’s Science and Technical College, Makurdi (Day, Boys and Girls)
  12. Saint John Bosco College, Aliade (Day, Boys and Girls)
  13. Saint Mary’s Secondary School, North-Bank, Makurdi (Day, Boys and Girls)
  14. Mount La Salle College, Naka (Boarding/Day, Boys and Girls)
  15. Peace College, Naka (Day, Boys and Girls)
  16. St. Athanasius Secondary School, Gbajimba (Boarding/Day, Boys and Girls)
  17. St. Theresa’s Secondary School, Jimba (Day, Boys and Girls)
  18. St. Michael’s Secondary School, Agasha (Day, Boys and Girls)
  19. St. Thomas Aquinas College, Agboughul, Makurdi (Day, Boys and Girls)
  20. Nativity College, Makurdi (Boarding/Day, Boys and Girls)
  21. Sacred Heart Secondary School, Udei (Boarding/Day, Boys and Girls)
  22. St. Francis Xavier Secondary School, Agagbe (Day, Boys and Girls)
  23. St. Patrick’s Secondary School Ikpayongo (Day, Boys and Girls)
  24. St. Mark’s Secondary School, Apir, Makurdi (Boarding/Day, Boys and Girls)
  25. St. Paul’s Secondary School, Ahule, Makurdi (Day, Boys and Girls)
  26. Rev. Fr. Dr. Benjamin Adzor Science and Technical College, Taraku (Day, Boys and Girls)

Exam Centres:

According to information received from the Catholic Education Services, candidates are to present themselves at the following centres on May 08, 2021 at 10am for the exam:

  1. Any of the twenty six schools listed above.
  2. Queen of the Rosary Secondary School, Gboko
  3. Nativity Private School, Makurdi
  4. St. Theresa’s Private School, High Level, Makurdi
  5. St. Dominic’s Nursery and Primary school, Sachi, Makurdi
  6. St. Joseph’s Nursery and Primary School, Akpehe Makurdi
  7. St. Peter’s Nursery and Primary School, Wurukum, Makurdi
  8. St. Francis Catholic Nursery and Primary School, Daudu
  9. NUJ PEN Nursery and Primary School, Makurdi
  10. Prime Kids Academy, Aliade 

Please note that this exam is only for admission into Secondary Schools within the Diocese of Makurdi only.