This evening at MSG

This evening, the main activity shifted from preps to sports, where students had the opportunity to gather around the school football field and the basket ball court to watch their football and basketball teams play friendly matches with our brother school Saint Dominick’s High School Sachi.

When the visiting teams eventually arrived, the atmosphere changed to that of excitement. SDHSS has formidable teams in football and basketball and as such, staff and students of the school knew it would be a pair of interesting matches.

Then it began. Both teams worked very hard at breaking down each other’s defences and scoring. There were few dull moments. Each team proved how dangerous they could be in the attack but in the end, the scorelines was

1. Friendly Football Match
MSG (6)
St. Dominic’s Tse-Ayu (2)
2. Friendly Basketball match
MSG (42)
St. Dominic’s Tse-Ayu (20)

Despite the scorelines, MSG students were glad the games lived up to expectation. Many praised the SDHSS teams for putting up a very good fight. Some staff of the school who watched the matched praised the skill of SDHSS football team’s captain who displayed uncommon skill. Those who spoke to said that he might go places.

SDHSS in yellow shirts

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